Our Range of Women’s Health Products

Gemini Surgical UK are providers of state of the art colposcopy systems including stand alone colposcopes with stereoscopic lenses and full high definition video colposcopy systems. Together with a full range of reusable and single use colposcopy instruments.

We also provide Hysteroscopy equipment including Alphascope Hysteroscopes, operating and diagnostic outpatient hysteroscopes and associated grasping and biopsy forceps.


  • Video Colposcopes

  • LLETZ Coloured Loops & Non Sticks Balls

  • Gynaecology Chair

  • Re-usable & Disposable treatment speculumns

  • Rotatable Colposcopy Biopsy Forceps


  • Hysteroscopy Endoscopic camera system

  • Alphascope

  • Hysteroscopes

  • Hysteroscopy Grasping and Biopsy Forceps

  • Operating & Diagnostic Hysteroscopes

  • Bipolar Resectoscopes

  • Hysteroscopy Examination Chair


Women's Health

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